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Leonardo Bonetti and Gemma Fernández Rubio receive prestigious awards from Nordic Mensa Fund.

The awards granted to the two MIB researchers recognize outstanding contributions to research.

In a recent announcement, the Nordic Mensa Fund revealed its 2023 awards, recognizing outstanding contributions to research. Among the recipients are Leonardo Bonetti, Associate Professor, and Gemma Fernández Rubio, PhD student at Center for Music in the Brain, Aarhus University. Their accomplishments reflect the dedication and excellence that characterize the academic landscape at Aarhus University.

Article of the year: Leonardo Bonetti

Leonardo Bonetti received the esteemed “Article of the Year” award for his work entitled Dissociated brain functional connectivity of fast versus slow frequencies underlying individual differences in fluid intelligence: a DTI and MEG study. This study investigated the structural and functional network configurations of the brains of individuals with both average and high intelligence, placing particular emphasis on understanding the role of fast and slow frequency bands during the resting state in highly intelligent participants.

The article can be freely accessed here: https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-022-08521-5

New scientific project grant: Gemma Fernandez-Rubio

Gemma Fernández Rubio was awarded €10,000 for her project entitled Puzzling out the neurophysiology of auditory memory and intelligence in dementia. This generous grant will support her research in defining the complex and fast-scale brain mechanisms that characterize the transition from healthy aging to dementia in relation to auditory memory and intelligence. The project aims to collect neuroimaging and behavioral data from a cohort of healthy older adults and age-matched individuals affected by dementia.

Center for Music in the Brain congratulates Leonardo Bonetti and Gemma Fernández Rubio and sincerely thanks the Nordic Mensa Fund for its fundamental support.