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Leonardo Bonetti receives the Lundbeck Foundation Talent Prize 2022

The Talent Prize is awarded to five scientists under the age of 30 who have made or contributed to original discoveries leading to the advancement of science, resulting in a better understanding, or improvement, of health and biomedical sciences in the broadest sense.

Photo: Alessandro Orefice Campogrande

Postdoc Leonardo Bonetti, who also holds master's degrees in both classical guitar and psychology as well as a PhD degree in health science, uses music to examine the brain’s cognitive processes – e.g. attention, memory and emotions.

In a research project, Leonardo Bonetti has examined which areas in the brain work together when memory is brought into play. He did this by using advanced brain scanning methods to measure the brain activity of 300 subjects while they listened and re-listened to a ‘cocktail’ of classical music – and when they listened to other kinds of classical music. The study deals with the fundamental factors that govern cognition, and Leonardo Bonetti therefore also plans to conduct similar experiments with dementia sufferers in order to broaden the understanding of the effects of dementia on cognitive capacity.

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