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MIB postdoc Kira Vibe Jespersen receives grant from Helsefonden

Kira Vibe Jespersen from Center for Music in the Brain has received DKK 350,000 for her study on music listening as a means to improve sleep quality in adults with sleep-onset insomnia

Sleep problems are highly prevalent in modern society. Current treatments are limited, and there is an urgent need to investigate promising non-pharmacological interventions to improve sleep. Music has been proposed as a potential sleep aid, but existing studies suffer from risk of bias, insufficient outcome measures and lack information on the nature of the sleep problems. Furthermore, no previous studies have adressed the underlying mechanisms by which music may improve sleep.

In this study Kira will use a randomized controlled trial design to evaluate the effect of music listening for improving sleep in adults with sleep-onset insomnia. She will assess the effect of music on both subjective and objective sleep measures and evaluate if sleep improvement is accompanied by improved daytime functioning. Furthermore, the underlying mechanisms will be tested by assessing the role of expectations and psycho-physiological arousal in the effect of music on sleep.