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New AIAS Fellows

Four CFIN researchers and affiliated researchers are among the recently announced new AIAS Fellows in 2020 and 2021.

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The Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies - AIAS - at Aarhus University has recently announced a list of 20 new AIAS Fellows, selected in the Spring and Summer of 2020.

Among the new AIAS Fellows that will start their fellowships in the Autumn of 2020 and the Spring of 2021 are four CFIN researchers and CFIN affiliated researchers.

Professor Morten Overgaard, CFIN has received a Jens Christian Skou Fellowship (internal AU employee fellowship) and will start his AIAS fellowship in October 2020.
During his Jens Christian Skou Fellowship, Morten Overgaard will be working on the project 'Science and subjectivity - testing the implicit assumptions in theories of the neural correlates of consciousness'.
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Postdoc Lau Møller Andersen, CFIN has received a AIAS-COFUND Fellowship and will start in December 2020.
During his AIAS-COFUND Fellowship Lau Møller Andersen will be working on the project 'The cerebellum as an internal clock – altered cerebellar activity in Parkinson’s disease giving rise to abnormal temporal discrimination?'
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CFIN affiliated Assistant Professor Christian Damsgaard has received a AIAS-COFUND Fellowship and has started his fellowship in August 2020.
During his AIAS-COFUND Fellowship, Christian Damsgaard will be working on the project 'Sensory evolution from a bird's eye perspective – elucidating the physiological basis for superior eyesight'.
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CFIN affiliated Postdoc Peter Fazekas has received a AIAS-COFUND Fellowship and will start in February 2021.
During his AIAS-COFUND Fellowship Peter Fazekas will be working on the project 'Self-generated mental life: Developing an overarching philosophical account and a novel neuro-cognitive research paradigm'.
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