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New face at MIB: Paul Maublanc

New PhD student at MIB will do project on vocal feedback manipulation.

Paul Maublanc is a diplomed engineer from Supmicrothech ENSMM (Besançon, France). He did his master thesis in the Neuro Group in FEMTO ST (Besançon, France) under the supervision of directeur de recherche JJ Aucouturier. During this 6-month internship and the following year as contract engineer, he collaborated on multiple cognitive neuroscience projects including upgrading the vocal feedback manipulation software DAVID.

During this time, he became more interested in the cognitive and emotional consequences, and that is why Paul is delighted to start a neuroscience PhD at MIB under the supervision of Associate Professor Boris Kleber. He is excited to start working on his project on the cognitive and emotional effects of manipulating vocal feedback.