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New face at MIB: Aleksandra (Ola) Pajdak

Health Psychology student from Medical University of Gdańsk visits MIB for two months.

Aleksandra Pajdak is a 5th year Health Psychology student at Medical University of Gdańsk. She’s vice-chairwomen of Student Scientific Circle of Health Psychology on MUG, where she’s conducting research, mosty on human sexuality. To improve her knowledge of a research process she decided to do her internship in MIB. 

She’s planning to occupy herself with both clinical psychology and science in her future professional life, so helping Assistant Professor Kira Vibe Jespersen in her project about insomnia was perfect fit and great opportunity to learn in both of these areas. 

Besides psychology she takes an interest in feminism, climate change, wellness and fashion. Hence the idea of her thesis topic which will be psychological meaning of clothing  in context of sociocultural changes in understanding gender and sexuality.