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New face at MIB: David Morgan

MIB welcomes intern from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA.

David Morgan earned a bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in June 2024, where he studied mathematics and music. During his studies, he conducted academic research in ethnomusicology, a field exploring the social and cultural contexts of music. In particular, his work explored how fame and renown can affect the styles of music that musicians produce.

While visiting MIB, David will be working closely with Boris Kleber and Paul Maublanc to examine the mechanisms through which humans process their own voices and to investigate how much control people have over their emotional expressions. The study will use fMRI scans to monitor brain activity as participants hear themselves read short passages of text. Such research can help to reveal how the brain produces emotions, as well as glean insight into how sensitive the brain may be to emotional stimuli.

Outside of research, David enjoys singing, geography, challenging math problems, and playing video games. He was an active member of his a cappella singing group at MIT, the Logarhythms, and he wishes to continue creating music during his time in Aarhus. He hopes to come across many new faces while at MIB, and he is excited for the new experiences that await him.”