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New face at MIB: Dhwani Sadaphal

MIB is joined by visiting PhD student from University of Vienna.

Dhwani is a PhD Candidate at the University of Vienna, Department of Cognitive and Behavioral Biology. She is currently visiting MIB as a guest PhD with Prof. Peter Keller.

At MIB, she will conduct research towards her PhD thesis, which explores the asynchronous dimension of the synchrony-asynchrony dichotomy in studies of social bonding through music. The project investigates social bonding during complex group music-making. Using polyrhythms as inspiration, the aim is to study how bondedness changes as people move to shared or separate rhythmic interpretations of the same musical piece. The project is an avenue into further understanding the rhythmic - and possibly social - flexibility afforded by meter, exploited to great creative lengths by seasoned musicians, and widely enjoyed by people around the world.