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New face at MIB: Francesco De Benedetto

Visiting PhD from University of Milano Bicocca joins MIB for 3 months.

Francesco is a visiting PhD from University of Milano Bicocca and he will spend 3 months at MIB working under the supervision of Professor Elvira Brattico

Since 2019, Francesco has been enrolled in a PhD programme at the University of Milano Bicocca under the supervision of Professor Alice Mado Proverbio.

Early in his career, Francesco became interested in the use of the EEG/ERP technique and focused his research on Neuroaesthetics and Music Neuroscience. For these reasons, he attended a Masterclass in “Theory and Practice of Music Cognition: Psychology, Didactics, Neuroscience”, held by the University of Pavia in collaboration with Accademia del Teatro alla Scala. After his master’s degree, he took an internship at the University of Milano-Bicocca, improving his technical skills in the use of EEG/ERP. In September 2017, he was given the position of Research Assistant at the University of Milano-Bicocca. He collaborated on projects that explore the effects of background music on different cognitive abilities.

In the field of Neuroscience of Music, Francesco has been part of developing a series of experimental studies to investigate the influence that music has on different cognitive processes. More recently, his main focus has shifted to the emotional aspect of music. Specifically, how music-evoked emotions interact with emotions elicited by other sensory channels.