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New face at MIB: Joana Sayal

MIB welcomes visiting PhD student from the University of Coimbra.

Joana is a PhD student at the University of Coimbra (Proaction Lab), Portugal, currently visiting the MIB to collaborate with Boris Kleber and Alexandre Miralles. Her PhD program is in the field of Cognitive Neuroscience (Psychology), and she has been doing research in the neurosciences of consciousness, music, and neuroplasticity.

During her time at the MIB, Joana will focus on the role of neural entrainment in modulating different states of consciousness, using auditory stimulation techniques such as binaural beats. The study involves EEG and behavioral tasks related to musical competence and sustained attention. This research has the potential to deepen our understanding of the effects of sound in the brain, offering insights into the rehabilitation of disorders of consciousness.

Apart from her academic activities, Joana plays the cello in her university orchestra and is involved in various musical projects in Portugal, including a musical trio with original compositions called Cithara. She has a passion for traveling and meeting new people, and she is thrilled to engage in science (and perhaps music!) in Aarhus.