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2022/23 CFIN and MIB BrainHygge

The BrainHygge seminars are held on the last Friday of every month in the Thalamus meeting room, CFIN South, Building 1710, Universitetsbyen 3, Aarhus.

The seminars start out with a scientific talk from an internal researcher at CFIN and MIB or with a guest talk by a visitor. The meeting is an opportunity to learn more about the CFIN & MIB groups' research interests, gain insight of relevant work being done in other institutions, and foster discussions and future collaborations.

Each session will be followed by a Friday bar in the Pavilion, with snacks, food, and drinks so that labs can network and discuss the presentation (see previous emails regarding the Friday bar). 

All CFIN & MIB members are encouraged to attend.

Download BrainHygge program 2022/2023 here ...


The Brain Hygge organizing committee:

  • Yury Shtyrov
  • Peter Keller
  • Rebecca J. Scarratt
  • Christian Stald Skoven
  • Eugenio Gutierrez