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2016 - Experimental musicology - 2

Course on "Experimental Musicology” - October-December 2016.

Where part 1 of this course gave an introduction to MIB’s four main branches of research, and part 2 aimed to promote an insight into the many different disciplines and methods involved in MIB’s research activities. These include topics such as theory of music, sound and acoustics, neuroscientific perspectives of   music, music in health care and more.

All lectures were videotaped and are available on a password protected platform.

To access the videos, you must be a postgraduate student at a university or the Royal Academy of Music. Exemption from this is only possible under special circumstances. To register please send an email to MIB secretary, Hella Kastbjerg on hella.kastbjerg@clin.au.dk including name, educational institution and class (year). Please also include a brief account of the background and reasons for wanting to participate.   

Please direct all other inquiries regarding the course to
Bjørn Petersen, assoc professor, PhD. 
Email: bpe@musikkons.dk